This site is dedicated to the network analyses of cancer transcriptomics data. In particular we provide pre-analysed network graphs of a number of publically available transcriptomics studies derived from a diverse range of cancers and the meta-analysis thereof. The initial datasets provided here have been described in a paper by Doig et al (submitted)*. Also provided here are the results of the meta-analyses of this data which has identified the expression signature of the major "stromal components" common to all tumours regardless of their histogenesis.

Doig T.N., Hume D.A., Theocharidis T., Goodlad, J.R., Gregory C.D. and Freeman T.C. 3D Network Analysis of the Cellular and Pathway Signatures in Cancer Transcriptomics Data (2013)

Analysis makes use of the tool Biolayout Express3D to lay out networks of co-expressed genes in a 3D graph format allowing exploration of the transcriptional signatures in a wide variety of cancers.

Meta-analysis of 6 cancer datasets
Six cancer datasets comprising gene expression date from more than a thousand individual patients were used to create a network of common signatures conserved across all datasets examined. Clusters within the graph have been assigned names based on analysis of the genes contained within the clusters. In this meta-analysis the main classes of clusters identified relate to "Housekeeping" functions, cell cycle and related functions and the tumour stroma. Start BioLayout Express 3D
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